Aunty Donna Responds to being Labelled as a Don and Solaine Beating – Video

According to Aunty Donna she never bought a gunshot from the day she born while responding to multiple accusations that she is an area leader and caused a female of unsound mind to get beaten.

It’s known that Miss Donna helped to build a house for the lady who goes by the name of “Solaine” after getting donations from her supports, Solaine seemingly believed that Aunty Donna has money kept back from what she was sent, went to Donna for 5k however Aunty Donna was not willing to give her money, something Solaine did not take kindly to and proceeded to Cuss-out Aunty Donna.


Aunty Donna reportedly called the police on Solaine after the dramatic encounter at her home

A lot has happened and said over the past two days between the entities involved and now Donna is seeking to clear her name stating that she only beat her kids. Watch her live chat about the situation below.

“If mi dead a Donna send man come kill me” Solaine shouts before claiming that Aunty Donna sent men to beat her, she also showed several bruises from the alleged beating.

Watch below as the lady who is called Solaine , tells her side of the story. While giving her account she explains that she visited Aunty Donna for money to pay someone that she owe however according to Solaine Donna run her from her home and threatened to call men on her.

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