Aunty Donna Talks Acting in ‘Bangarang in a Aunty Donna House

Aunty Donna the Social Media Do Good personality, shared the limelight with Dancehall Queen star, Audrey Reid in a recent interview. The name Aunty Donna is synonymous with caring and sharing in tangible ways for the poor as she is widely hailed as a heroine in Jamaica. She has built houses, sent children to school and done much more.

Now she is making her debut in the acting world, in the play that is called “Bangarang in a Aunty Donna House”, it will be streaming online. 

Aunty Donna and Audrey Reid met in Canada and there was a chemistry between them and they were encouraged to get into comedy together.

Aunty Donna has never been in acting before, she likes it but she says it is hard. It will be a virtual production and even though she was accustomed to being on camera doing her videos, being in this production is different.

She said the Planketeerians or the people who watch her and contribute to her projects on her YouTube channel are very excited to see her becoming an actress. Aunty Donna is a real down to earth person and she will be playing Donna Davis and she is quite comfortable when she is acting, as she does the things she would normally do each day sometimes. is the website that the plays will be streamed on. ‘Bangarang in a Aunty Donna House’ will be coming out after Mother’s Day. 

So far, Aunty Donna has caused young people to want to get involved in Charity. She was known as the cake lady before. She was selling puddings and people were excited over her puddings.

Her charity work started when she was selling puddings and someone bought her pudding and told her to deliver it to someone who is in need. When she delivered the pudding she gave the money she got to the person as well.

She recorded the handing over of the pudding in order to show the person who made the donation, and that is how the YouTube channel began from 2019 until now. She was blocked by Western Union because of the amount of money she got from people living abroad to use in her charity.

At times she gets boisterous and agitated because of the number of people who are calling her for help, but she talks about seeing her father helping people as well. She believes she is doing God’s work and he will give her strength. She grew up with a grandmother who was always kind and there are donors who trust her because they see everything she does in her YouTube videos. 

There is a lot of negativity that comes with charity and her 4 children are sometimes upset, they want her to stop what she is doing.

Not being in the Jamaican media was deliberate for her, as she believes the media could be doing what she is doing now and they have not. She also remembers how Marion Hall and Rodney Price were very kind to her when she had nothing.

She was an office attendant at ATL before she started baking and doing charity. Her four children are living abroad.

There will be two plays, Oliver Samuels in “Family Fuel” and Miss Donna in ‘Bangarang in Miss Aunty Donna House’.

Watch the full interview below.

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