Bar Robbery Caught on Camera – Watch Video

An armed robbery which took place on February 27, 2024, is currently making rounds online. CCTV captured the footage of what took place at a local business establishment at about 9 PM on the night.

As shown in the video, two men entered the bar, one armed while the other seemingly unarmed. After brandishing a pistol the men began to take valuables, starting with a smartphone that was on the counter.

There were three persons in the bar when the robbery began, two females including the bar attendant and a male customer who was sent to the back as the robbery ensued.

The man with the gun next demanded the bar attendant to give him the buckets of money which she did. As the armed man focused on the bar attendant, the other man helped himself to several bottles of liquor.

After being comfortable with their gain, the robbers exited the establishment swiftly.

While the CCTV footage shows that the robbery took place on Tuesday, February 27, it’s unclear where in Jamaica the robbery took place. Notably, one person suggests it took place in Spanish Town.

Watch the robbery below:

After watching the act, one user on X commented, “This is happening too often now.”

Another viewer asked, “Nuh right here suh dem a try develop and a sale apartment for more than 30M? Crazy!”

See more reactions below:

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