Barrington Levy and Dj Khaled to release new Collaboration Soon!… Fans React

Berrington levy collaborated with American producer DJ Khaled for his upcoming album. Levy posted the story on his Instagram, he captioned; “just wait for it, it’s going to be grande” along with a picture while sitting with DJ Khaled at his studio. Many fans were in support such as Stylo G, etc, while some fans aren’t happy with it and voicing their opinions in the comments.

An icon in the business, Levy is considered as the first original singer of the dance hall. In 1979, in his teenage era, he recorded many songs for late producer named Henry Junjo.


Khaled also posted four posts on Instagram related to this upcoming album and he received salutes from his fans.

One person that’s following Khaled wrote to his post that, “ Khalid is awful for any culture he produces music that makes the community look like trash” follower name, ranking. Kobe

Other fans are saying that they’re “petrified” cause Khaled recurring “we the best”.

Kingishtahofficial said, “Khalid should be honored and feel privileged” to teamed up with levy. As DJ Khaled ensures that Levy would get paid properly cause he helped many people and without him, you wouldn’t have the music you have”.

As fans are cautiously optimistic regarding Khaled’s upcoming album we’ll see what will happen next.

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