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The youtube sensation Bawda Cat has brought laughs to the faces of Jamaicans in the past year based on his ability to say some of the wittiest things. There has however been a recent controversy between the youtube comedian and the vlogger who teamed up with him to make the series a reality.

The name of the vlogger is Drizzy Burke and he recently uploaded a video on youtube making it clear as to why there has been a separation between him and Bawda Cat as it was observed that the comedian is now posting videos via next youtube channel that is dedicated to himself and his brother known as Brooksie.


Drizzy Burke made it known in his youtube video that when he started to upload the videos on his youtube it was a while before they began to monetize the videos as there were issues. He mentioned that once the channel started to be monetized he ensured that Bawda Cat had gotten all receipts and updates until the comedian told the vlogger that he needed not to do that anymore. After which he said he would just split the money when he got it.

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Drizzy Burke suddenly mentioned that Bawda Cat asked him for the receipts one day which at that time he said he didn’t have. The vlogger mentioned that from that time onwards Bawda Cat has been saying that Drizzy is robbing him. Drizzy Burke stated that he however started to give him the receipts again from that time but that did not calm the feud that was boiling between them.

Drizzy Burke further mentioned that Bawda Cat further accused him of stealing studio jingle money and not sharing money from his Instagram promotions. He said they started making more money from the channel via ads which he continued to share with Bawda Cat but could not get back receipts from the comedian when he asked. He also mentioned due to the amount of money that was being made he was having difficulty collecting it which also contributed to Bawda Cat saying that Drizzy is robbing him however the vlogger said the issue got sorted out.

In further expressing what went down between him and the comedian, Drizzy Burke mentioned that an aggravated Bawda Cat visited his house issuing death threats to him over money owed to him. The vlogger made it clear to the comedian that he does not owe him money but to quash everything taking place his mother said she would give him a piece of land.

The vlogger mentioned that one of the main issues that caused the downfall of the vlog was due to the inclusion of Bawda Cat’s brother who goes by the name of Brooksie. Drizzy Burke stated that the jokes were not as funny as they used to be since Brooksie came in the picture. Drizzy Burke mentioned that he began to post videos with another comedian by the name of Lee which the vlogger claims that Bawda Cat and his friends did not like.
He mentioned that Bawda Cat and friends expressed great jealousy and selfishness towards the new comedian. The vlogger further mentioned in closing his video that there were some other issues as well where business opportunities and a rented car that was eventually bought by Drizzy.

In a video posted in response to Drizzy Burke, Bawda Cat took to his youtube and made it known that he was the one who made Drizzy Burke’s Channel successful. He made it known that even though he was doing videos with Drizzy Burke he was not making money and found based on his research that the vlogger was robbing him.

The comedian stated that he had to argue with Drizzy to start getting money. He further stated that Drizzy did not like his friends around him and was not willing to spend any money so they were comfortable while doing videos. He said after a while the energy got bad and there were no more videos being made as Drizzy had the camera as well as the car. He further noted that where Lee was concerned the people just did not like too many expletives in the videos. Bawda Cat further explained in making his point that Drizzy was not communicating properly.

All fans of the comedian can now subscribe to his channel which features his brother Brooksie.

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