BAWDA CAT: “Di Wul World Owe Mi” Right Now Mi a Look Fi Pay [Video]

Saturday, April 13, 2019, 10:11 PM GMT-5

“Stress is a muss weh ago come enuh… jus like how mi tell yo seh mi nah mek light bill stress mi” Cat went on to explain that if he can’t pay light bill he wont stress over it, he rather make JPS stress over it, e.g. JPS will get stress and cut off the light.

Cat went on to state that he want a girl that can make him cry “mi want a gal fi mek mi ball”, he went on to claim that a girl never make him cry before!

“mi nuh ready fi nuh feelings yet… mi nuh ready fi that yet bredda….. not even gal mi nuh feel up enuh” he said while on another topic

Watch full video below!

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