BAWDA CAT: Mi buy Drawz fi me and har… Under-Pants a man Drawz Bredda [Video]

Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 9:17 PM GMT-5

He’s not on the work site today but he still have jokes to tell, Fellow construction worker “SUCH MAN” becomes hot topic over previous comments he made about eating pum pum “him a stop man from get this woman yah now” says Cat.

“memba a 500,000 that him jus gi woman suh without si di drawz enuh bredda” explaining that Such Man gives woman money without getting any pum pum.


“when di gal dem go out them stick to who dem want, that mean nuh dutty man cant step to him… dutty man nuh have a chance… yuh affi have style suh when yuh nuh have nuh money girl with yo”

Watch full entertaining video below!

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