BawdaCat Talks Going Viral

June 8, 2020

Bawdacat has become the latest Jamaican social media sensation, a construction worker who is good at making his coworkers laugh while they work and talk about current popular topics and Jizzy(one of the workers) decided that the jokes were too good, they had to be shared online.

Jizzy made videos and posted them on social media and they went viral, as people loved the talk even though Cat was not a comedian.

BawdaCat OnstageTV Interview About Going Viral on Social Media

While conducting an interview with Winford Williams of Onstage TV over the weekend Bawdacat states that since going viral he has travelled to Canada and other places around Jamaica where he answers questions, in the same way, he would answer the men on the construction site and he does free style comedy as well.

One of his biggest jokes is one about stealing, he talks about the hardships in life and how stealing looks like a good option but the three years you can stay in jail because of stealing it makes it look like a daunting task. When his friends suggested he should start a little business, he said he had nothing to start with.

The Portland native explains that he wants the dancehall to be a place where the teenagers can learn about life, righteousness and become motivated to live in a better way,.


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