Beenie Man And Bounty Killer’s Hillarious Hoax On Fans

Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 4:11 PM

Dancehall legends Beenie Man and Bounty Killer recently pulled off quite the hoax on fans after a series of posts attacking each other on Instagram.

Bounty Killer and Beenie Man have had their issues for years but for some time now the two have been reconciled and have performed multiple times together, most recently at Reggae Sumfest during the Madhouse Records tribute for producer Dave Kelly.


Many fans were left stunned after both artistes began going back and forth on Instagram signalling an end to the recent friendship.

Bounty Killer posted a picture of Beenie Man and himself and accused Beenie Man of dissing him at Sumfest by saying he did not trust him. According to Bounty Killer, he ignored the disrespect because he was focused on what they came there to do and did not want to be accused of ruining the tribute. Bounty Killer then asked fans to find out what exactly Beenie Man’s intentions were. “So ppl unuh ask beenie what is he seeking if he want’s to take it back to rivals or be idols bcuz we can start it at MECCA CLUB Tonight then since him love fuckery,” Bounty Killer wrote.

Photo- Mouta Massi

Artiste Christopher Martin called for peace in the comment section of the post and Popcaan commented as well. “Bwoy fi dead! its’ been a long time” Popcaan said in his laughing face emoji-filled comment.

Beenie Man responded to Bounty Killer in his Instagram stories and said he would see him tonight at MECA. The king of Dancehall then revealed that the reason why he did not trust the Grung Gaad was because of a series of events beginning with their performance at Harry Toddler’s Birthday party earlier this year.

Photo-Mouta Massi

According to Beenie Man, Bounty killer had been acting shady since the event and he had been informed that Killer did not want to share the stage with him until Sumfest but he continued to show bad vibes at their Sumfest rehearsals. Beenie Man then said he was acting like a hypocrite by trying to give him a high five during their tribute performance.

Photo Mouta Massi

What followed was a series of posts by both artistes calling into question the other’s character and actions, with fans begging both to stop. But the feud and a possible clash between the artistes at MECA were later revealed to be far from the truth and seemed to be a well-planned publicity stunt for the event. Both legends performed side by side at the MECA Club with no animosity between them.

Photo- Mouta Massi
Photo- Mouta Massy
Photo- Mouta Massi

Bounty Killer later posted a clip of their performance and jokingly made a jab at fans saying:
“Oops thought I told y’all It was maturity and growth doing it now sorry for all who was looking for that negativity Iconic Legends at their best the club was sold tonight.”

And Beenie Man responded by saying: “Heart ah love mi bredda fwd neva backward”

Watch a clip of their performance below.

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