Bounty Killer Calls Ishawna “Pissen Tail Dancehall Mattress Witch”

Bounty Killer has decided to address, not only the stunt dancehall artiste Ishawna pulled at Reggae Sumfest, but also the Jamaicans who were very amused by it, despite the seriousness of it mocking what he stands for.

Persons have been anticipating his response after Ishawna gyrated on a life-size cardboard cut-out of him while singing Equal rights, but the response he gave today cried shame on Jamaicans. After reacting to Ishawna’s viral Sumfest moment yesterday with a Negus video, Bounty, whose given name is Rodney Price, returned to his Instagram to directly address the public on the matter.


In an Instagram post, Bounty shared a TikTok video of Dr.Ledd speaking on how Ishawna’s stunt “provoked” and disrespected Bounty Killer. In the video Dr.Ledd explained that the “negative ones” would cheer and encourage Ishawna, oblivious to the fact that there is a “thin line between entertainment and disrespect and provocation”.

While pointing out that Bounty Killer’s beliefs on the matter of oral sex are wildly known, Dr.Ledd explained that even though Ishawna is an entertainer who has the right to creatively entertain, she should not do so at the cost of disrespecting someone else.

“Everyone knows what Bounty stands for…and Ishawna is allowed to exercise her art but not while provoking people and creating problems,” he said. Advising Ishawna, he continued, “If you’re seeking attention, what you should have done was get a picture of 1 of the 15 artistes, 9 producers, and 25 selectors you have been with.”

Dr.Ledd, who stressed that the stunt was an act of provocation and not entertainment, questioned why she would provoke Bounty knowing that he is against what she stands for. As the video came to an end, Dr.Ledd told Ishawna to expose one of the men who gave her “equal rights” and not to provoke someone who did not provoke her.

Bounty Killer sent gratitude to Dr.Ledd for addressing the situation in the way that he did, before a few words of his own in his caption. Similarly to Dr.Ledd, Bounty expressed that some Jamaicans are too often entertained by the negative so, despite saying they respect him and appreciate his charity, they laughed when someone disrespected him.

“Jamaicans y’all says how we rate the general for his contributions to the poor and the development of other artiste etc. then y’ll sat there laughing how a little fly batty pissen tail dancehall mattress witch styled me right here a Jamaica who claimed them love and rate me that’s why I had ntn to say I leave y’all to God and Time,” Bounty said while expressing gratitude to his growth and maturity which has made him wise enough to “Act and not React”.

The 50-year-old deejay also indicated that his “ignorance” was replaced by “intellect”.

Concluding his caption, he warned, “Desperation has one Destination downward spiral.”

Bounty Killer post

Watch the video with Dr.Ledd reacting to Ishawna below.

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