Bounty Reacts To Ishawna Dissing Him – Watch Video

July 24, 2022 6:28 PM

One of the most viral moments of Reggae Sumfest Festival night 1 was the raunchy performance Ishawna gave with life size cardboard cut-outs of the prime minister, the minister of health and, most importantly, Bounty Killer, who was instrumental in embellishing her hit single Equal Rights.

The risqué performance sent everyone into a frenzy as they anticipated Bounty Killer’s reaction to the disrespectful stunt Ishawna pulled on stage last Friday.


The dancehall veteran, who is said to have abruptly left the venue when his cardboard cut-out was unveiled, has finally responded to the matter, but he has done so without saying a word.

Not needing to say much since his thoughts were apparently materialized through popular comic Negus, Bounty reshared a video of Negus impersonating him.

Negus, who is known to deliver impressive Bounty Killer and Elephant man impressions, took to his Instagram with another episode of his Bounty’s Diary series, responding to Ishawna and tagging Bounty in the post.

Bounty Killer, who is among the most vocal critics in dancehall about oral sex, reshared a clip of the video to his Instagram Story.

In the video, comedian Negus, impersonating an upset Bounty, started his diary by addressing the female singer as a “rotten crotches gyal” who he knew to be “corrupt” for a long time, but he was shocked by the heights of it.

Adding that Ishawna should’ve “drop dung” instead of Elephant Man, he continued by saying that while people would call him disrespectful, the female singer was being a clown on the stage in an attempt to pull off a stunt.


“Yuh see because yuh nuh have nuh tune fi captivate the crowd, yuh tun up yuh pump pum powers loud,” he continued scribbling.

As he continued to diss Ishawna with his rhyming diary entry, he even mentioned her ex-boyfriend Foota Hype who he says frequently visits Hellshire Beach to wash away the “crawsis”.

Watch the video with Negus responding to Ishawna as Bounty Killer below.


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