Ishawna Responds To Backlash For Her Cardboard Cut-outs On The Sumfest Stage

Saturday, July 23, 2022, 7:29 PM GMT-5

Ishawna, a popular Dancehall artiste known for pursuing disputation, has once again set mouths ablaze for her dancing with cardboard cut-outs of Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton, The Honorable Prime Minister Andrew Holness, and prominent Dancehall DJ Bounty Killer.

YouTube – JPB Entertainment Feed

Fans of the reputable ‘Warlord’ were displeased with how particular she got with his cut-out (dancing all over it to her controversial single Equal Rights), but Ishawna does not believe that her actions on the Sumfest stage have lost her any fans.

YouTube – JPB Entertainment Feed

The entertainer states that the gimmicks that were showcased by her onstage at an event such as Reggae Sumfest does not warrant governmental address, or the masses, as they should have more dire matters to occupy their attention.

During an interview with The Star, Ishawna mentioned that it was all in the name of entertainment and that she is not concerned about backlash brought on by sitting on cardboard and bothering three public figures. She further went on to declare that if the Prime Minister or any other party confronts her about “dah cardboard deh”, then referred to the case of missing Social Media Influencer Donna-Lee Donaldson. She said that the case is “depressing” as she does not think that “anything is being done.” On a whole, Ishawna believes that these are the issues that need addressing.

Ishawna, never shying away from controversial topics, expressed that Jamaicans on a whole need to be more focused on elevating themselves and converging to improve their country.

See her latest IG post below.

Watch video of her performance below;

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