Ishawna And Ed Sheeran Release “Brace It” Song

June 24, 2022

In a recent Instagram post by Mslegendary, Ed Sheeran is seen speaking on how simple and easy it was to form a collaboration with the female Dancehall artiste, Ishawna. He stated that he heard her song while on a trip to the Caribbean which was a remix of his hit single ‘Shape Of You’ by the title of ‘Equal Rights’ where the female artiste puts her spin on the song, boasting lyrics such as “equal rights and justice” and “mi love it when my man dem brave up ’cause nuff man have them good tongue a save up”.

He mentioned that after speaking about the remix on a radio show the two got in touch and just made a song together. The remix was a representation of the female’s frustration with men who like receiving oral pleasure from their partners without returning the favour in kind. 


The new track ‘Brace It’ was released hours ago on Ishawna’s youtube channel and is already racking up impressive reviews.

A fan stated when the single entitled ‘Brace It’ dropped that “yea the collab we been waiting for” while another said, “long awaited, Jamaica 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 West Indies, Portmore Garden representing to the FULLEST”. 

‘Brace It’ is an equal representation of Ed Sheeran’s pop/soul style and Ishawna’s Dancehall roots. The female singjay is heard showing off a softer side of her vocal range as she sings about respecting her lover and not wanting to ever leave because she wants their love to last. “when I’m with you it’s okay, everyday’s like a birthday,” she sings.

In the second verse, Ed Sheeran in turn plays the role of a man who is in love and struck by how his partner makes him feel. The lyric says, “your are the heat on a summer day, I can feel my heart beating down away, I feel electric each time you push your body on mine… I nah guh leave yuh never”.

Fans have been going crazy over how soothing the entire song is and left comments as such under the official visualizer of the song on YouTube. They are proud of the songstress for this collab and commented saying “this song sound so REFRESHING like a cool glass of lemonade” and “This have an international vibe and we glad you played the dancehall role and never try change your accent nor nothing. 🇯🇲. Let’s go people and get this pass the waters!”

Listen to “Brace It” below.


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