Beenie Man Believes the Young Artistes are Taking Dancehall Downhill

Beenie Man the King of the Dancehall had a lot to say about the war that is happening between the new dancehall artistes. Now that Covid-19 is causing every life to be under review, people need to think about the way we lived and how we need to live to make it through and there is no time for violence since some persons can’t find food to eat. Music should be about love and unity, not war and violence.

There are persons who don’t care about anything and they just want to talk about which artiste is winning the war. These wars are now internet wars and Beenie says it makes no sense. The artistes who hate each other are only thinking about trying to make more music to get popular and all they sing about is violence. He believes the young artistes are going downhill.

He spoke about the unity he saw after hurricane Gilbert left the country devastated. He said supporters of both political parties put their differences aside and did what they needed to do to keep each other alive. 

Now that the number of persons who are dying all over the world from the novel caronavirus keeps on increasing by the day and the virus is also spreading in Jamaica, he wants the artistes to do all they can to encourage people to love each other and unite because this is what is needed.

He spoke about the many lyrical wars he participated in but no one was physically hurt, and now he and the artistes who were his rivals are friends. The popular artiste said he can’t understand the youth who find time to war with each other. He believes the music business belongs to everyone and unity is needed. He believes they are trying to show dominance or they are trying to get more fans.

Beenie Man believes the young artistes are Taking Dancehall Downhill

However, he is worried because he is noticing a level of hate is rising among them and they are just disliking other artistes for no good reason. They are just building up resentment and putting out music to become popular so they can get more views and likes on YouTube. They are not thinking about the damage they do to the children who are growing up in the middle of violence and this needs to stop. 

Beenie man also spoke about the way he and other artistes in his age group are being disrespected by the young artistes and he could not be where he is now if he didn’t respect his elders like Bob Marley.

He also referred to the fact that Bob has died so long ago and his music is still popular and there are many countries in the world who would like to have the legacy that Jamaicans have, due to the fact that the Jamaican music is one of the most loved music on the planet.

He thinks dancehall artistes should come together and get sponsors and try to help the people who lost their jobs and they are unable to feed their children. There is no other music genre that has artistes fighting against each other at this time. 

Jamaican artiste, Q45 Chicken reportedly died from the virus. Beenie says artistes need to drive strength to the people and encourage them to stay home and tell them why. The music should be about love, harmony, unity and all the things we need to do to stay alive in the middle of a pandemic that is like nothing the world has ever seen before.

The dancehall King who has a new song out is also promoting it. The song “Hands Up” is about COVID-19 and all that is happening at this time. He says Dexta Daps the artiste who was recently released from jail, also has a new song out and it is good, and he wants the young artistes to remember that the people make them into who they are by loving their music and now is the time for them to give back, so that the people can live to see the end of the pandemic.

Beenie said his seven daughters and 5 sons are all doing well, he is always calling for love, unity and respect. 

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