Beenie Man Says Bounty and Vegas War “Nuh mek nuh sense… Weh unuh a guh wid that” – Watch Interview

King of the Dancehall Beenie Man has commented on the ongoing feud between Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas in a recent episode of the “Let’s Be Honest” podcast. Beenie Man, who is 50 years old, expressed that he does not like the conflict between Mr. Vegas (48) and Bounty Killer (50) because it does not make sense.

He was asked about the state of Dancehall and used the feud as an example of how the genre lacks unity and support from the government and the public. Beenie Man explained that he has always been interested in promoting unity in Dancehall.


He claimed he was even involved in resolving previous conflicts, such as that between Vybz Kartel and Mavado. He stated that he had played a role in bringing the two parties together but did not receive any credit for it.  

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer have had a history of feud, which they have now resolved. Beenie stated that the conflict between him and Bounty Killer changed the direction of his career, as he had to sing about violence instead of focusing on his original love of singing about girls.

In the present, Bounty Killer seeks to remind the public of his status as the Warlord. He and Mr. Vegas have been exchanging diss tracks and insults on Instagram, with the latest being Bounty Killer’s “Drag Queen (Bup Bup Bup)” in response to Mr. Vegas’ “Run Up.”

“It nuh mek nuh sense… Weh unuh a guh wid that,” outlines Beenie Man at one point while talking on the ongoing clash between the veterans.

Vegas has responded to Beenie Man’s comments by beckoning, “leave the war alone, KING.” 

In conclusion, Beenie Man does not support the feud between Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas. He believes that until the genre achieves unity, it will continue to face a lack of support and recognition. Despite this, the feud between Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas continues. 

Watch as Beenie Man talks on the clash below:

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