Beenie Man targets Billboard and “Dancehall Culture vultures” in this Statement

Monday, August 10, 2020, 9:19 PM

Beenie Man is not liking what he sees keep happening over and over whereby people from all over the world take a piece of the Dancehall culture and don’t give rightful credit where it’s due.

According to Beenie Man, numerous entities that got their start from dancehall are now undermining the genre “Don’t try undermine the ting” he stated while hashtagging the word dancehall. Beenie Man gave credit to Swizz and Timerbland however was quick to throw the Billboard platform under the bus.


This reaction came from Beenie Man after himself nor Bounty Kiler was featured on the cover image of a recent article surrounding the Verzuz clash. The article/magazine did not feature the persons who gave the show the most views. This is considered a slap in the face by most dancehall fans.

One person stated “Same ting Matteron did a talk bout” while another said, “A lot of genres were built off of dancehall/reggae”.

The doctor wrote the following caption along with the picture below “And not just billboard.. The culture VULTURES TOO”.

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