Beenie Man Ventures into Real Estate and Shows us a House he’s Working on – Watch Video

With a successful career spanning over three decades, dancehall veteran Beenie Man appears ready to place another feather in his cap and has entered the increasingly popular business of real estate.

The Who Am I deejay has come a long way since his childhood in the tough Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica. Beenie Man won the Tastee Talent Trail competition in 1981 at seven years old and recorded music as early as 12 years old. 

Beenie Man has released a number of international hit singles over the years and has accomplished what only a select few Jamaican entertainers can lay claim to. The Grammy-winning artiste has now added real estate to his repertoire.

On Tuesday, Beenie Man shared a quick look at a multi-story home with a hillside view, one of the multiple houses he currently has under construction.

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The deejay joins a host of celebrities who has ventured into the lucrative business, such as American rapper Rick Ross. Jamaican actress and singer Cherine Anderson also leapt into real estate after studying and investing for years, and she is a licenced real estate broker and consultant.

“This a the house weh we a fix up, this a one a the house them,” stated Beenie Man in the 15-second video.

While purchasing massive homes has been a longstanding lavish tradition for musicians globally, renovating and reselling has become increasingly popular in recent times.

Watch the video below.

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