Beenie Man’s son ‘Moses Davis Jr.’ currently Hospitalized

November 20, 2020 8:42 PM

The King of the dancehall is having a rocky 2020 as we saw recently he lost his mother and was affected badly by the tragic event that he hoped and pray will never happen.

Weeks after celebrating Marco Dean’s birthday his older son Moses Davis Jr. is reported to be in the hospital and not doing so well.


Beenie Man himself took to Instagram to break the news, detailing that his son “suffers from the sickle cell disease”, he went on to open up about himself suffering from the disease as well and encourages everyone to gain some knowledge on it. See his post below.

The doctor did not stop there, he went on to express that he wishes he was in the hospital instead of his son, “As a father mi wish ah me did deh deh so instead of him” he stated.

See pictures of the two below.

Moses jr., Koffee and his mother

One parent fan who shares the same issue stated “Love and light, my daughter is in the hospital as well battling her Sickle Cell. I hope he feels better soon from his crisis, Prayers”.

Bounty killer also reacted to the sad news, he commented “Positive vibes light and love👏🏾”.

On a more positive note, we earlier reported on another of Beenie Man’s son graduating.


Beenie Man back then, posted a picture of himself and his son at the graduation and asked his fans who is taller? himself or his son Mosiah. This is a joke that Krystal seemingly keeps running on Beenie.

Beenie Man explains that because of his kids, he works hard “One of the reason I work so hard” he wrote as caption for the image below.

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