Bella Blair explains the Spice Drama and More

Bella Blair is transitioning from being a Vlogger to being an artiste. She says she has forgiven Spice or the disrespect, after there was a feud between them on Instagram. Bella does not like to see Black women fighting on TV and she made a comment on a Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta video that made Spice upset. In her opinion, there were worse comments on the video there, but she was the only one Spice decided to attack.

Bella is now focused on building a career in the music business and doesn’t want to go back to being a Vlogger even though she enjoyed the acting she did to produce the content for her videos. She earned from Youtube as a Youtube partner because her videos went viral; but she was in need of cash when she started doing videos as she had just graduated from the university.


However, singing is something she loves doing, her songs are not fully Reggae, they are a fusion and she is getting some attention from persons in Canada and the UK. She wishes she could get more attention from Jamaicans living on the island, but that is not happening as yet.

Bella believes in herself even though she is no 27-years-old. She knows that things will take time to grow. She wants to do music that will last and she is hoping producers will eventually like her music and help her to grow her music career.

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