Bench Warrant Issued For Kraff After He Misses Court

Thursday, June 6, 2024, 11:35 AM

Dancehall artiste Kraff is facing additional legal issues after failing to appear in the Traffic Court on May 4.

The entertainer, whose legal name is Tevin Randall, has multiple traffic violations, including using an electronic communication device while driving, failing to present a driver’s license when requested by a constable, and not complying with a constable’s instructions.


Due to his absence on Tuesday, a bench warrant was issued for him.

In late April, Kraff was arrested in Half Way Tree after he got into an altercation with police officers. Kraff was driving a Mercedes-Benz when he was stopped by several officers.

Footage circulated on social media showing the deejay, without a shirt, angrily addressing the police after he exited the vehicle.

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