Benefits of Becoming a Music College Major?

There’s a high chance you might have heard negative remarks relating to pursuing a degree in music. Like most professions, there are some cons to studying music. However, the benefits can be quite significant and outweigh the cons. This article discusses 5 benefits of studying a music college major you might not be aware of.

5 Benefits of Becoming a Music College Major


  1. You will get many opportunities to do what you want

Many students who choose a major in music often do so because they have a passion for music. If you’re someone that loves working on music, you might be pleased to know you’ll be spending most of your time doing a lot of that while in college. If you find writing essays difficult because of the language barrier or tight deadlines, you might want to consider reading top essay writing reviews to connect with expert writers that provide quality writing. A typical curriculum might involve playing different instruments, learning music history, and writing essays on different topics. 

  1. A degree in music can open many job opportunities

Some students feel discouraged from applying for a music college major because they feel limited job opportunities. Graduates with a degree in music can work in many different fields. There’s a demand for music therapy specialists, acoustic engineers, as well as people knowledgeable about music management. You can also decide to focus on developing a personal career. Considering the vast number of opportunities available makes it easier to see why a music college major can be a good idea. 

  1. You can earn a good salary

There’s a common misconception that people who study music end up as struggling talents that don’t get paid well. The truth is a degree in music can earn you an average salary of $58,000. While this salary might not be much when compared to other fields like software engineering and accounting, and it still depends on the types of music majors, it’s still above the minimum wage considerably. Also, when you consider you’ll be doing something you love, you’re likely to have higher job satisfaction when compared to other professions.

  1. You get the opportunity to interact with other people

While it can be argued that any other profession can also help you interact with people more, with a music college major, you’re more likely to interact with people who share a strong passion for music just like you. This can create room for interactions that can lead to collaborations and advancements in career.

  1. You will be educated on a variety of concepts

Aside from learning about musical instruments, with a music college major, you’ll also be taught other related concepts such as music history, dynamics that make up the music industry, and how to write on music. These teachings can also open up career opportunities in music journalism if you were ever to make a shift in career choice.

Final Thoughts

Many music graduates often express the joy they feel from working in the music industry because they have a passion for music. Job satisfaction is high, and the salary is decent. There are also many opportunities you can explore when looking for a job. There are many jobs people can do, but not many can give you both satisfaction and financial reward like music.

Author’s Bio

Carl Hill is a writer and music lover. He uses his writing to advocate for the benefits of music in the educational curriculum of schools. Carl also enjoys playing the piano and meeting up with friends to practice keynotes.

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