Big Lawsuit Filed Against “Miley Cyrus” by dancehall artiste Flourgon

March 15, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Jamaican dancehall star Flourgon has filed a $300 million lawsuit against Miley Cyrus. Michael May aka Flourgon whose song was written and sung in Patois has lyrics that are just the same as Miley Cyrus’ lyrics. That is why Flourgon believes that Miley Jacked his lyrics and made a smash hit “We Can’t Stop” and became a Mega Star. 

Flourgon was a big star in Jamaican dancehall in the 1980’s but he has not been popular for many years. His 1988 hit was called “We Run Things, Things no run We” and he says Miley jacked some key lyrics from it. Miley’s song however, is slightly different “And we can’t stop, we run things, things don’t run we, don’t take nothing from nobody.” 


Flourgon says the lyrics have roots in the Jamaican Culture and the meaning is not the same when it is used in the way Miley used it. The translation from Patois to English was off. He also says Miley went through a lot of changes in order to come across as a gritty, sultry and aggressive, as she was a child star who did things to please little girls before. This song was used by her to come out of being a child star into being a strong female vocalist.

The bottom line is, the song has changed her life in many ways and Americans don’t talk broken English that sounds like Jamaican Patois on while they are performing normally. So it is clear that a whole lot was borrowed by Miley Cyrus in this case. Flourgon might just get what he is asking for.

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