BIG TRIAL: Klansman Gang To Be Tried By The State Beginning Monday

Saturday, September 18, 2021, 11:06 AM

One of the most unique cases in Jamaica’s history is scheduled to begin on Monday which will see Andre “Blackman” Bryan, who allegedly leads one half of the Klansman Gang, as well as 31 other alleged members of the group tried.

The case has not come without issues as “Blackman” was reportedly having issues securing an Attorney, even though the other accused persons had already gotten their legal representation.


As it relates to the defence lawyers, many of them had tried to evade the case, even making applications just several months ago due to them not being satisfied with the suggested pay.

According to lawyer sources who spoke to the Jamaica Observer team, the failure of “Blackman” to secure an Attorney as well as the unsatisfactory offered payment are some of the factors that are currently causing a discontented stir for the trial might disallow the case to start Monday.

Many of the legal aid on board for the trial that tried to remove themselves, have used a previous gang trial case as their reference point. That case involved Uchence Wilson, and went up to 9 months and carried costs up to 60 million dollars.

For this case, the offered amount to senior Attorneys is an amount of $300,000 at first-month payment, then $150,000 after whilst for junior lawyers the amount being offered is $200,000 for the first month of payment then $100,000 afterward.

(DPP) Paula Llewelyn Responds To Kartel's Appeal Verdict

Regardless of the small hiccups, Director Of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn while speaking at the official opening of the Home Circuit Court for Michaelmas Term, expressed that the Crown house is ready for trial with 4 prosecutors lined up to undertake their duties.

Andre “Blackman” Bryan, along with some friends, associates and some family members are being prosecuted according to the Anti-gang legislation, for their involvement in “78 out of 134 murders’ committed in 2017 which was said to be as a result of internal gang feuding.

Where progress in getting an attorney is concerned, one of the high-ranking lawyers that were a part of the Uchence Wilson case is said to have been asked to represent Bryan, which was also confirmed by the lawyer when contacted by the Jamaica Observer.

A dozen or more alleged members of the St. Catherine based Klansman gang are said to have been allowed to walk free from an amount of 50 persons who were initially accosted by the Police after the lack of evidence to incriminate them.

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