Big12welve Looking to Make a Mark in Dancehall: Drops 3 Videos Ahead of First Album

Rising dancehall duo Big12welve has released three music videos in recent times, signalling their ambitious charge into the genre’s spotlight. Their recent releases, ‘Go Harder,’ ‘Now,’ and the emotionally charged ‘Miss You,’ showcase a versatile range that has garnered significant attention and acclaim.

‘Miss You,’ released on February 9, is the duo’s most recent release with over 356,000 views on YouTube, delving into the themes of loss and remembrance with lyrics like “from yuh gone mi feel the changes… affi tell di damn truth mi miss you.”

The music video, set on a basketball court and interspersed with scenes of camaraderie, echoes the song’s message of enduring friendship and memory.

The other two tracks, ‘Go Harder’ and ‘Now,’; further exhibit Big12welve’s dynamic range. ‘Go Harder’ resonates with its raw depiction of inner-city life, amassing over 240,000 views, while ‘Now’ transports listeners to a realm of opulence and aspiration, captivating over 700,000 viewers with its infectious rhythms and narratives of luxury.

Musa Dan and Abo Dan, the talents behind Big12welve, are not just musicians; they are storytellers who draw from their life experiences to craft music that offers both reflection and hope. Directed by Neiro Don, their videos are visual extensions of their lyrical storytelling, showcasing the duo’s commitment to authenticity and emotional depth.

With their eyes set on a debut album and expanding their digital presence, Big12welve is poised to leave a lasting imprint on dancehall music. Their manager, Akim Larmond, and a growing fanbase applaud their success, signalling a bright future for the duo.

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As they continue to blend poignant narratives with compelling beats, Big12welve is fast becoming a name synonymous with innovation and resonance in dancehall, promising an exciting journey ahead in the music industry.

Notably, Big12welve also has a song and music video with Skillibeng titled ‘Money Conversations Remix’.

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