Biker Crashes While Performing Stunt with 2 Pillions – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 31, 2024, 7:02 AM GMT-5

Following the death of a motorcyclist in Portland who collided with a minibus while performing a stunt, footage has surfaced of a biker crashing with two passengers while performing a similar stunt.

The precise location of the incident is not clear, but footage of the crash appears to have been filmed in Jamaica.

In the video, the driver of the motorcycle can be seen performing a ‘wheelie’ with his two male passengers behind him while multiple vehicles pass by on the road.

Seemingly due to the weight of all three men, the front wheel of the motorcycle came back down to the ground with great force.

The driver then lost control, and he and his passengers crashed into the rainwater drain on the side of the road.

The circulation of the video on social media follows the viral video of now-deceased motorcyclist Rushawn Miller.

The Black Hill district resident passed away after crashing into a minibus last December.

Miller had lost control of his bike and swerved across the other side of the road into the bus while trying to perform a wheelie.

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