Bill Cosby being in Jail is “A Hate Crime” says Boosie, Wants to Start a Petition to Free Bill – Video

Monday, December 7, 2020, 3:54 PM GMT-5

According to Boosie, the females having waited so long to come back with their testimonies show that what they are doing is intentional.

“You don’t lock up a man at that age and you don’t let him out in the Corona… That’s a hate crime against Bill Cosby” Boosie states while pointing out that several other persons were released because of the Corona virus, persons who has better health status than the veteran actor.

“i ain’t like that picture i saw… that really pisst me off” says Boosie in reply to the picture below.

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The rapper believes that the drug that the females accused Mr. Cosby of drugging them with was a popular drug back in the days that people take often.

Furthermore he believes that the females were sleeping around with multiple male celebrities and Bill was chosen out of the others.

Watch the interview below

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