Bill Cosby’s First Day in Prison

After years of attending court and being on trial for rape, Bill Cosby is in prison. He was allowed one phone call and it is alleged that he called his wife. His number is NN 7687 in the Phoenix State Correctional Institution in Collegeville Pennsylvania, and his first night went well. He was up at 7:00 am and wore a Blue scrubs and ate grits, hardboiled eggs, juice, and coffee for breakfast.

It was reported that he had a good night, the other inmates couldn’t believe he was there, but they treated him good. Cosby is staying in a single cell block and he is in good spirits. Even though he looked very distressed in his mug shots, sources revealed that he is almost blind and if no one told him to look up, he wouldn’t know what to do.

Cosby’s Publicists were at his side when he was being led away in handcuffs, to serve his sentence which will be 3-10 years. 

His lawyer has said he is not giving up on getting his client out of jail, as he believes the trial was not fair. 

However, his accusers said he looked like a broken man and no one is too famous for the long arm of the law to reach them. His legacy has been destroyed because of his lack of moral values, and he will be taking the disdain to his grave, even he was so rich and famous .

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