Bingy Linkz Hunts Musical Breakthrough with “WISE UP”

Former Magnum Kings and Queens contestant Bingy Linkz is keeping his hopes high, and still working hard for a breakthrough in the music industry regardless of of the many challenges. The persistent entertainer has been putting in the musical effort, by recording numerous songs with Jamaican producers and has had the opportunity to gain rotation on Internet Radio stations, as well as local Sound systems.

Throughout his gaining of experience in the music industry, he has made friends with veteran Reggae artiste Chuck Fenda who exercised the courtesy of allowing the uprising artiste to perform at stage shows with him.

So far Bingy Linkz has performed at Galiday Bounce, Penny concerts, Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre for Women, and most recently at Jampact School Supplies launch, a charity fundraising event for children.

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At this point in his career, Linkz has two new songs he is promoting entitled “Wise up” and “Them never know” he recorded with the labels “Mill&More Records” and “Kikz Records”. For the new tracks, Bingy Linkz, who linked up with YardHype Entertainment stated that he is tired of the senseless killing and raping that’s going on, especially of children.

As it relates to the toiling, where his music career is concerned the former Magnum Kings and Queens contestant expressed that “A long time mi a work, like river sweat a run through mi shirt, fi betta life mi a search, cause mi tyad fi live inna di desert”.

With two solid tracks out promoting, Bingy Linkz is letting the world know that his break in the industry can happen at anytime, and they should look out for more material soon, as he is an unusual one, who has been putting in the hard work.

Listen the full song below.

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