Bishop Robbed During Sermon On Livestream – Watch Video

A bishop from Brooklyn, New York, was robbed at gunpoint as he delivered his Sunday sermon to congregants.

Reports say the incident, which was captured on livestream, took place around 5-10 minutes into the sermon at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries. Bishop Lamor Whitehead saw approximately three to four men armed with guns enter the back of the room after kicking the door open.


Bishop Whitehead, who believes he was specifically targeted, can be seen in the video holding up his hands as he says “Alright, alright, alright,” then lays down on the floor. Two men garbed in black can then be seen walking over towards the bishop.

Bishop Whitehead says he told his parishioners to get down as he was not yet sure if they were only there for a robbery or if they intended to shoot the church up. “When you are a shepherd you have to lead your sheep and you have to protect your sheep.” Whitehead later said recounting the robbery. There were around a hundred attendees at the church service during the incident.

Whitehead said one of the men went over to his wife and took all of her jewellery, and his gun was right in front of their 8-month-old baby’s face. According to the bishop, they took his bishop’s ring, wedding band, his bishop’s chain and then the chains he had underneath his robe. Whitehead said one of the men tapped his neck to see if there was anything else, proving that they had been watching him and knew that he had more jewellery.

Reports say the total amount of jewellery stolen amounted to $400,000.

Bishop Whitehead blames the robbery on the publicity he gained while attempting to help police in a fatal subway shooting case earlier this year. Whitehead says the media labelled him as “the bling, bling bishop” and publicised his Rolls-Royce car.

Watch robbery in newscast below.

Video: CBS News

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