Female Pastor “Muma Dated Two A Di Baddest Man Dem Ina Jamaica” Says Retired Police

At the One Don Gang trial on Wednesday, a retired police inspector of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) testified that Stephanie “Muma” Christie, a St. Thomas pastor and the only female operative in the criminal organization, bribed him $100,000 for the release of their reputed gang leader, Andre “Blackman” Bryan.

The retired inspector testified that his first interaction with Christie was when she visited the Spanish Town Police Station in 2017, which was coincidentally the day that he was scheduled to interview “Blackman”. He further stated that on that day, while in the station an officer told him that a woman was outside who wants to speak to him urgently, to which he obliged.


He mentioned that in his conversation with Christie, she introduced herself as the woman of a gang leader and the baby mother of another notorious gang leader, Leighton “Livity” Coke, who is also the brother of the infamous Jamaican druglord Christopher “Dudus” Coke who is currently serving a 23-year sentence.

The ex-officer further detailed that when he asked Christie the question “how you manage fi have some of the baddest man dem ina Jamaica?” her response was “mi thing up like dat enuh, mi thing up like dat”.

Further on in their conversation, he recalled how Christie asked him what she could do to have the notorious gang leader released from custody and then offered him $100,000 to which he responded “a diss yah diss me enuh gal, u have two a d baddest man dem a Jamaica and u wah offer me $100,000..you mad.. a 2 two rif (rifle) u haffi gi mi enuh.”

Christie then assured him that his request would be possible, as long as the ‘G’ comes out of custody, which was another alias for Andre Bryan meaning general.

According to the ex-cop who refers to himself as a “gang expert”, in that instance he did not charge Christie as he believed that she was an influential member of the gang, therefore, he could use her for information. Christie, however, was arrested in 2019 on the same day that her husband was to be ordained a bishop, as previously testified by police investigators.

The witness stated that as he had further interactions with Christie, he discovered that she was trying to use him to get information on the status of the police’s probe of the One Don Gang, however, he used the situation to his advantage by misleading her.

He also disclosed that during his evidence-in-chief, he used Christie to ascertain the real name of the alleged top-ranking right-hand member of the gang only known by his moniker “City Puss”.

The retired officer added that it was based on the information given by Christie that he dressed down one day and went to the Horizon Remand Centre to ascertain the real name of the moniker “City Puss”, where he was able to find him, a man named Jason Brown.


According to him, he spoke to the gangster for about an hour and was able to get certain information from him based on how he was dressed, the knowledge he had of the gang affairs and his behavior that day. He shared that at the end of their conversation, he revealed his true identity to “City Puss” and he hurled numerous expletives and began to threaten him.

The officer also shared that he was able to match the name to the voice from the several voice notes he had heard with “City Puss” threatening business persons in Spanish Town for extortion money, while also warning them not to inform the police. The officer noted that these threats were issued when he was incarcerated.

Prosecutors asked the officer to identify the woman who he spoke with in 2017, which he subsequently did and said “That’s the great Muma”.

The retired senior officer was a 3rd year veteran in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), where he focused on the main gangs in St. Catherine including the Clansman, One Order, Umbrella and Young Generation gangs. He also divulged that he had interviewed close to 300 members of the Clansman and One Order gangs.

However, trial judge Chief Justice Bryan Sykes refused to acknowledge his testimony as an expert witness while also noting that the information given was not stated in his statement to the police.

The One Don Gang trial includes 33 members from the revered Klansman/Clansman gang in Spanish Town, they are being tried on an indictment with 25 counts under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Crime Organizations) Act and the Firearms Act.

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