Police Officer Was An Informant To The Clansman-One Don Gang

Friday, February 25, 2022, 12:23 AM GMT-5

Stephanie “Mumma” Christie, an affiliate of the Clansman-One Don Gang, had a secretly recorded conversation between herself and the gangster-turned-witness in the trial played in the Home Circuit Court.

In the secret recording, Christie disclosed that a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) at the Spanish Town Police Station supplies the gang with pertinent information relating to the operations of the JCF and their case.


She added that this JCF member works in the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) and is a close friend to her boyfriend, Fabian “Crocs” Johnson who is an alleged gang member and is on trial also.

“Yeah man wi ah tell yuh wi have one police fren wey down ah CIB enuh. Him did kill ah yute and dem tek him off ah frontline duty, tek him off the work completely but him win de case” Christie was heard saying on the recording.

Furthermore, Christie divulged that the police officer provided her with classified information such as his colleague’s patrol car and its license plate number. She also added that he assured her of the release of their reputed gang leader, Andre  “Blackman” Bryan as the police lack sufficient information for prosecution.

“Right, any likkle ting him tell mi, him rate di hombre ting mi ah tell you,” Christie was heard saying as she made reference to the respect that the JCF member has for the gang leader, Andre “Blackman” Bryan.

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