“City Puss” Was Suspicious of Gang Member – Pastor Christie

The gangster-turned-witness in the One Don Gang trial, detailed how “City Puss” was also called “Lucifer” because of his execution-style. He added that “Lucifer” was suspicious of Stephanie “Mumma” Christie, Jahzeel “Squeeze Eye” Blake and Fabian “Crocs” loyalty as members to the gang.

On Friday, during a continuation of the secret recording presented at the trial the day before, the witness had recorded a phone call between themself and “City Puss” where  “Mumma’s” credibility to the gang was the topic of discussion.

“City Puss” was heard accusing Christie of working with the police which subsequently led to the arrest of multiple affiliates of the gang and also spoke about the death of his protege Dino, who was killed along with his brother called “Cake Soap” after reportedly being moved to a different location by Christie.

In addition to that, he accused her of being responsible for the death of two gang members which was as a result of a gun battle and a car chase that ensued between them and the police in Garbally Drive, St Catherine.

Unbeknownst to many, this is the incident that created the alliance between the gangster-turned-witness and the police, as he was also in the vehicle when the shoot-out occurred, but was able to escape and was taken into protective custody to work undercover.

“Wi have her as an informer, a wah kinda position she can hold? Dat deh gyal can expect anything, ennuh bredda, a mussi house dem a go buy a farrin, a cyaan voluntary work,” City Puss.

In explaining further what this comment meant, the witness explained that “City Puss”  believed that “Mumma” was an “informer”, as she is the one identifying gang members in police lineups because of a promise of some sort.

This big reveal by the witness, heard Christie utter the word “Jeezas”, from where she was seated in the back of the dock at the trial.

The witness also made reference to a home that is reported to be inhabited by Christie, but her family claims otherwise. A section of the recording detailed how she ordered “Lucifer” to “page one a dem”. His response was for her to get a number so that he can make a call, because once they hear the name “Lucifer”, her request is a done deal.


More so, “Squeeze Eye” was allegedly marked for death by “Blackman” because the gang believed that he was betraying the alliance. The witness, however, stated that he advised the authorities of the plan and “Squeeze Eye” was then able to be taken into custody.

Additionally, in the trial, a recorded conversation between the reputed gang leader and the witness was played, where “Blackman” could be heard speaking confidently of winning his case.

“Watch yah now, watch yah now, dem come so bupp, yuh si if somebody a go be a witness, dem haffi go inna di gang from Miller time fi really be a good witness, yuh undastan mi? Fi seh a me split di gang from Miller dat a di wickedest ting weh dem nuh have,” he further added that
“A 2014 di law come in, so nutting before 2014 can’t be used against me,” Bryan.

The trial of the 33 One Don Gang members is scheduled to resume on Monday at 10 a.m.

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