Last Of 3 Phones Submitted In Court For Evidence In One Don Trial 

The Prosecution in the trial against the One Don Faction of the Klansman Gang are now celebrating a step closer to victory as the last phone out of 3 containing crucial information said to be incriminating to the 33 alleged members of the organization, was on Thursday submitted.

The cellphone was also submitted to the court with SD cards and discs by a prosecution witness that is also an incident response specialist with the Jamaica Cyber Incident Response Team that operates under the Portfolio of the Ministry Of Science, Energy and Technology.

Where the cellphone is concerned the witness said that the person who took to the stand in the trial as a former second in command gangster of the gang was given the phone, which was used to record conversations with him and members of the organization including Bryan.

The specialist stated that an Alcatel cellphone was given over to him by an investigator which was then analyzed with its contents later burned to a compact disc and sent to an officer at the constabulary Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC), with who the specialist noted they were working as a Police officer at the time under the Communication Forensic and Cyber Division (CFCD).

In a similar process, the specialist said that something similar was done with a black Vonino phone which also had its contents analyzed for evidence that could lead to proving the gang’s involvement in the 25 counts of criminal charges they were indicted for under Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organisations Act), 2014, otherwise called the anti-gang legislation.

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