One Don Trial Adjourned Again Due To Positive Covid-19 Cases

The trial of the alleged 33 members of the One Don faction of the Klansman gang was on Monday adjourned due to an outbreak of Covid-19 which has impacted several members of the prosecution team and one of the defendants.

This is coming after the restart of the trial which was adjourned on December 15, for the Christmas holidays, however, the court was informed in the last session that some of the prosecution members were not present due to them being affected by the virus.

One alleged member of the gang, who also happens to be the only female defendant is said to have been locked away in an area that was impacted by the Covid-19 virus and so has to be under close monitoring.

The date set for the return to court is January 24th and hopefully, things will flow smoothly from that point onwards since the trial has already been adjourned a few times due to unforeseen circumstances.

The trial which began on the 20th of September sees 33 alleged members of the One Don Faction of the Klansman gang being charged under the Anti-Gang legislation act, for criminal activities they have been accused of carrying out in Spanish Town and surrounding communities.

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