Court Hears More Information On Rastaman’s Murder Committed Allegedly By The One Don Gang

The Prosecution in the trial raised against the 33 alleged members of the One Don Gang on Tuesday picked back up the pace with a case concerning the murder of a Rastaman that took place in 2018, and the evidence relating to the matter.

According to the prosecution’s witness, the hit was sent out by the Gang’s alleged leader, Andre “Blackman” Bryan, however, it was found out that otherwise from the photograph of the crime scene and the testimony of the person giving statement there was insufficient evidence available on the murder.

The case with the murdered Rastaman plays an important role in the charges that have been laid against the gang, and that particular case has been outlined in the court to be count 15 of the 25 counts of criminal activities that the gang has been indicted for.

Speaking further on the matter, the Prosecution explained that no Police witness would be able to give any information on the case of the murdered rastaman, even though the crime scene would have been visited and processed by law officials.

The only thing that has been uncovered about the incident was the photographs of the crime scene and the body as secured by a detective who followed up after the matter transpired, even later seeing the body on the day of the autopsy.

Where the murder of the rastaman is concerned, the persons accused of carrying out the brutal act are Jahzeel Blake, Michael Whitely, Brian Morris with the order being executed allegedly by “Blackman”.

The Rastaman who was said to be a deportee, according to the officer who went to the scene of the incident, was killed while carrying a knapsack bag which was found on his body, and also had a watch close by his corpse.

The Police who visited the site of the crime, in Jones Avenue, Spanish Town detailed that she also saw 15 spent casings next to the man’s body.

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