Police Says Witness Showed Them Scenes Where “One Don” Killings Took Place

November 25, 2021

As of yesterday the trial against the 33 members of the “One Don” faction of the Klansman Gang, experienced a bit of development as the lead investigator in the case against the alleged gangsters revealed information to the Home Circuit Court that the locations of 10 places were shown to him by one of the witnesses, where killings have been executed by the organisation.

According to the Police Officer who took the stand, the witness had informed him that an area of Thompson Pen, Spanish Town was one location where the gang carried out a horrific triple murder, with them also execution killings in other areas such as Waterloo Lane where the former gangster who testified against the group said the burial of two men from Denham Town by the members of the organization took place and Chancery Street in St. Andrew. These areas were shown to the Police by the witness via a service car drive that also had the company of another cop.


The prosecution’s main witness had recently testified in court that he secretly had recorded conversations of the alleged gangsters and gave them to the Police. According to the Jamaica Star who initially broke the story, the claims from the witness were confirmed by the lead investigator who stated to the court that he had an agreement with the former gangster to have the conversations of the alleged gang members recorded with a Smartphone he gave him in 2019.

The Police Officer told the court that the ex-gangster turned state witness visited him on 3 occasions when the memory of the cell phone was full. January 28, 2019, was the date the cop told the court that he had last collected the device.

The lead investigator then explained to Chief Justice Bryan Sykes that he had the phone handed over to a detective after he had collected it, with specific instructions, after which the other investigator brought the phone to the Communications Forensic and Cybercrime Unit (CFCU), based at the JCF branch that handles Cyber Counter-Terrorism and Organized crime investigations.

The Police officer that took the stand said he did not see the phone again until November 21, the time he collected the phone from CFCU and turned it over to the Office of the Director Of Public Prosecutions.


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