Secret Recording Played In One-Don Gang Trial “Everybody weh fi get fix ago get fix”

An ex-gang member, now a witness in the trial of the Clansman-One Don Gang, had secretly recorded conversations that were presented in court on Thursday against the leader, Andre “Blackman” Bryan and his accomplices.

A 1 hour and 17-minute secret conversation was presented in court, that outlined the intent of “Blackman” and his gang to execute killings to get rid of those persons who have double-crossed him while in prison.


“Everybody weh fi get fix ago get fix,” says Blackman.

In a section of the recording, conversations emerged between the witness and two of the gang’s accomplices. They are Stephanie Christie, a pastor from St.Thomas and the only female on trial who is also deemed to be the liaison and money handler for the criminal organization.

Secondly, a man known only by his moniker, “City Puss” who was allegedly Blackman’s right-hand man and described by the now-turned witness as the most devilish one in the gang.

The recorded conversation between the gang members expressed high hopes that their reputed gang leader will be back on the streets and also spoke strongly of the anticipated blood-stricken reprisals that “Blackman” will commission as soon as he is released.

“Yeah, man, di man say as you name call, him get it. Di man say him nah play wid nobody,” City Puss.

Additionally, in the recording, “City Puss” suggested that before carrying out the executions, the disloyal members are deceived first. To this suggestion, a female voice (believed to be Christie), uttered the word “True”, which showed her agreement to the murderous scheme.

Also, according to the three gang members conversating, the disloyal members have started to resort their alliance to a community don and were only pretending, as it relates to their commitment to the Clansman-One Don fraternity.

The gangster-turned-witness was also an active commentator in the recording, where he was heard suggesting that two of the defendant’s brothers be killed. But when questioned by the prosecutor, he went on to say that he only mentioned this to gain trust amongst the others.

Throughout the playing of the recording, “Blackman” seemed a bit apprehensive, however, smiled at the gangster-turned-witness response to the prosecutor’s question.


Mention of the threats by two alleged gang members that advised of their plans to behead “Blackman” when he is released, was also made by the gangster-turned-witness.

Furthermore, “City Puss” suggested that the gang recruits young persons who are easier to groom. He also lamented the financial difficulties that the gang has been experiencing since their leader’s incarceration. He spoke of them not having enough money to even buy sustainable food and the lack of funds for the burial of their deceased gang members.

“We nuh have nuh cash, we nuh have no dis, we a go by faith,” says Christie.

“All you hear dem bout a money and sitten and a nuff time a sugar and bloodcl**t hot water and crackers mi nyam,” City Puss stated.

Further recordings are expected to be played in the Home Circuit Court where Andre “Blackman” Bryan and 32 other alleged gang members are being tried on an indictment with 25 counts under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organizations) Act, the men were also charged under the Firearms Act.

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