Gang Leader ‘Tesha Miller’ Was Reportedly Frequently Beaten By His Woman

During the trial of the Clansman-One Don Gang yesterday in the Home Circuit Court, another secretly recorded conversation was played which stirred quite a laughter in the courthouse.

“City Puss” who is allegedly the right-hand man to the gang leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan, was heard conversing with another gang member, a pastor and the only female accused Stephanie “Muma” Christie about the regular abuse the incarcerated Tesha Miller would suffer at the hands of his woman.

In the recording, “City Puss” could be heard laughing as he mentioned how he even at one point had to threaten Miller’s woman, who is known by the moniker “Match Match”, to stop beating him and even so, Miller would beg for him to leave her alone.

He further went on to say that Miller was often seen wearing a handkerchief as he usually sports a black eye. More so, he mentioned how Miller’s woman would wrap his head “inna so-so brassiere and tights”. 

“One day mi a go doctor and see him and a sey ‘A whappen to yuh dawg?’ Wey yuh a cova yuh face suh?’ And him say a juk some baddi juk him inna him eye”. City Puss stated on the recording while he and Christie laughed. He then stated that a person by the name of “Shortie” confirmed the domestic abuse that Tesha Miller suffers from his woman.

The trial of the 33 accused in the One Don Gang is scheduled to continue today in the Home Circuit Court.

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