Blac Chyna was a mistake that is here because of statuary rape, says her Mom

[Sharingbuttons]The family problems has been taken to another level between Blac Chyna and her estrange mother Tokyo Toni, as Toni is now telling Blac Chyna things that no daughter would ever want to hear mother say.

Sometimes Tokyo Toni seems like a Grandmother who only wants to see her Grand children and believes that her daughter is keeping them away from her deliberately. However, telling Blac Chyna that she was unwanted in so many ways is very bad.


Tokyo told Blac Chyna that she is a mistake that is here because of statuary rape. She also told her that she is a bad b**ch and Blac Chyna should keep that in mind as she is her only child.

Tokyo Toni feels as though Blac Chyna has been disrespecting her, but she has tolerated it as she is trying to be a good mother, but shat is very upset now.

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