Blak Ryno and Prince Swanny Beef Over Alleged Stolen Music Style – Watch Video

A feud that seemingly started over allegations of stolen Dancehall musical styles between Jamaican artiste Blak Ryno and Trinidadian artiste Prince Swanny has taken a more grave turn after some Trinidadian fans and Prince Swanny declared that Blak Ryno can not set foot in Trinidad again.

The grim reaction by Prince Swanny and his fans came after ex-Gaza member Blak Ryno’s comments regarding Prince Swanny stealing his musical style. “Man dem a ray ca tru me go seh ra**cl**t Swanny, and my boy and a my style, the whole a Trinidad bex bom**cl**t,” Blak Ryno declared while laughing uncontrollably.

According to Blak Ryno, his comments didn’t sit well with Prince Swanny, as Ryno stated, “The boy Swanny fly up inna me DM a seh who dog you ready fi left the Bronks, me nuh answer him caa me a laugh inna me mind. You caa even go back a Trinidad you caa nevin walk good inna you own a country look at you,” Ryno revealed.

Watch the video below:

Blak Ryno, who recently went viral for his comments about his regrets of becoming a musician and wished he had gone to college instead, also made a controversial post some time back which read, “Run up ina man dm, then run go post yuh hungry fi a buzz youth,” seemingly directed at Prince Swanny.

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A few of the replies posted under Ryno’s post by apparent Prince Swanny fans stated, “Positively sure anybody looking for a buzz will NEVER try get if off ah you, yuh ban from Trinidad yuh hear dat? Yuh deaf? Bet yuh cya step in the land again TT.”

Another fan wrote, “You looking to get kick off d earth like popcaan kick you offa stage… you on a ban from Trinidad until popcaan or kartel say lift it.”

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