Bob Marley: One Love “Honest” Movie Review

Saturday, February 3, 2024, 3:27 PM

The highly anticipated Bob Marley biopic, Bob Marley: One Love, had its Jamaican premiere on January 24 ahead of its release on February 14. In addition to several local and international personalities, the premiere was attended by Tami and Wayne in Kingston.

Following its premiere, artistes and media personalities Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall shared their views on the Bob Marley biopic, declaring the movie a must-watch.


During their review of the movie, the couple praised lead actor Kingsley Ben-Adir, who portrays the reggae legend. The British actor was initially viewed by some Jamaicans as a poor choice to play Marley, as he is not Jamaican.

However, Wayne expressed that Ben-Adir proves himself as a class actor in the film and embodies the essence of Marley. Tami noted that there are instances when the accent falls short of perfection, but highlighted that the Jamaican accent is the hardest to master.

The couple agreed that Ben-Adir did a great job portraying the king of Reggae and further praised the other members of the cast, including Lashana Lynch. Wayne and Tami also praised the film’s representation of Jamaica and its use of actual Jamaican actors.

The lead actor was also credited for his singing abilities. Proclaiming the movie a must-watch, Wayne emphasised the importance of every Jamaican going to see it.

“From yuh seh you are a Jamaican and you have a Jamaican birth certificate, and you have a Jamaican passport, yuh affi guh watch it. Di worl affi watch it, but if you’re a Jamaican, guh represent,” Wayne stated.

Reflecting on the legacy and impact Bob Marley has on a large scale as someone from Jamaica, Tami added that the film makes her proud.

After singing praises for the One Love biopic, the couple declared that it’s their “honest” review, casting out any thoughts of them being bias.

Watch their review below.

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