Ziggy Marley, Lead Actor Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Naomi Cowan Speak on the Upcoming Bob Marley Biopic – Watch Interview

Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 4:50 PM GMT-5

Following the Jamaican premiere of Bob Marley’s upcoming biopic, Bob Marley: One Love, Ziggy Marley discussed capturing his father’s true essence in the film during an interview alongside actors Kingsley Ben-Adir and Naomi Cowan.

Ahead of its international release on February 14, Bob Marley: One Love had its Jamaican premiere on Tuesday. Showcased at Carib Five in Cross Roads, the red carpet event saw government officials, musicians, and socialites flocking to the cinema to catch the first look at the film.


Speaking on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica, Ziggy expressed that it felt good to sit with an audience and experience the film’s humorous and emotional moments with them. Ziggy, who is a producer of the film, shared his desire for the public to get a deeper understanding of his father’s personality by watching the film.

From left: Kingsley Ben-Adir, Naomi Cowan, and Ziggy Marley,

He added that the movie will depict the complexity of Bob’s personality. The biopic will showcase him as not just the music icon of his time but a man who was vulnerable and trying to figure out his life during a time of tumult.

“…Everybody think dem know Bob, you know, but dem only know the side what them see through the public footage, interviews, and stuff. But there is a side of Bob that we are discovering and exploring in the movie that is a much more personal side [ … ] a side that is not tough as stone,” Ziggy stated.

Ziggy went on to share the need for Bob to represent himself in the film. This, he expressed, led to the decision to use his actual voice in the movie during the musical performances instead of lead actor Kingsley Ben-Adir’s. Despite not singing in the film, Ben-Adair shared that he knew immediately after getting the role that a lot of work would be needed to depict the music legend on screen.

The actor expressed that he fully immersed himself in the role, getting to know Patois, the Jamaican culture, the Marley family, and Bob’s close companions. He also highlighted how uplifted he felt on set by his Jamaican castmates.

Ben-Adir’s Jamaican castmate, Naomi Cowan, was tasked with playing I-Threes member Marcia Griffiths. Cowan, who is also a singer, shared that it felt natural to play the female reggae icon and even received her blessing.

“When I told her I was going for it, and when she knew that I got it, she was just ‘I’ve been praying for you.’ And she said, ‘Naomi, I don’t have any daughters, and I always said to your mom and dad, a my pickney dat to,’” Naomi stated.

Watch the interview below.

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