Bob Marley Prophesied Year 2020?

Whilst Bob Marley is seen as a legend for many, he is also seen by a large number of people as a prophet who spoke words on the frequency of ancestors like Marcus Garvey, and Emperor Haile Selassie I.

In one of his rare interviews, Bob Marley touched on a topic that speaks of things that will appeal to anyone with a touch of superstitious belief or spirituality to them.

In the talk, Bob Marley said that the earth was vexed, because of all the things that mankind built on It.

The Gong then reverberated a part of the bible which says, “the earth is the lord and the fullness thereof”, in leading up to his point that explained that the earth is coming back for every bit of its space.

In telling how the earth will do it he mentioned that it will come back for places built upon rivers.

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Fast forward in 202o, we see one of the worst floods Jamaica has ever seen happening amid the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Since this year alone, there have been reports of earthquakes happening more frequently on the island.

At this same time, the awareness of engineered earthquakes is more evident than ever.

Conspiracy theories regarding engineered earthquakes, only started on a wide scale In 2010 after the massive earthquake hit Haiti misplacing millions. So how did Bob Marley Know these things before his time?.

See his remarks in the video below.

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