“Bob Marley would a bex yo f**K” Says 10Tik as he Criticises the Cast Members of the One Love Biopic – Video

The latest Jamaican to criticise the recently released Bob Marley: One Love biopic is dancehall artiste 10Tik who took to a live chat to give his blunt opinion about the people involved in the popular film.

According to the outspoken ‘Roll Deep’ singer, he’s yet to watch the movie, however, before watching the movie he checked out the credits, and the cast members of the movie.

10Tik states that based on the background of the people involved, the legend himself would not be pleased with the people involved.

He further highlights that “Bob Marley would a vex yo f**k,” at the cast. he next urges everyone to go “check out the people dem background,” the artiste further expresses that we have lost our culture because of the people chosen for the movie.

According to 10Tik, Bob Marley would not like “the lifestyle” of the actors in the movie “We lose wi culture… we lose wi powers fi keep our identity safe.. yo Jamaica unuh culture gone.. unuh fighting spirit, unuh warrior spirit gone… Mi shame!” he states at one point.

Shared on YouTube by RYZZE Tv Ent, the deejay’s remarks have sparked several conversations online.

In reaction to the artiste’s statements, one viewer commented, “Barbados ten tik good him can walk till a morning and nobody dont trouble him ..barbados nice……ten tik never lie true and ziggy nah move right either.”

Check out the live chat below:

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