Bodycam Captures a Dramatic Shootout Between Florida Police and Carjacker [Video]

A 30 year old gun man stole a pick-up truck from a woman and went on a high speed chase with multiple cops.

The gun man identified as Phillip Thomas Marsh can be seen firing his gun in traffic.


All four tires were punctured by the cops during the chase which caused the truck to break down after which the man got out of the truck and a shootout ensued between him and the cops, one police officer got a bullet graze to the head , while the Carjacker tried to escape, the cops did not let up and managed to capture the suspect after returning fire, the suspect was shot several times.

The 30 year old suspect died in hospital hours later. This happened last Thursday in Florida. One person commented on the matter stating “Something about Florida .. Humidity causes stupidity.”

Watch and see more details below!


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