Bodycam footage shows Police Fatally shooting an unarmed Black Man in Ohio, USA – Video Report

Friday, December 25, 2020, 7:25 AM GMT-5

Another controversial police shooting has taken place in the USA and it’s the topical white cop killing an unarmed black man.

Reports are that the cop approached an open garage in Columbus, Ohio, a 47 year old male appeared from the garage with a cell phone in his hand, seconds later shots were fired.


The Black man was said to be on the spot for up to 6 minutes without getting any aid, according to one person this shows that Black Lives don’t matter.

One person commented “Nothing will be done over this.The cop will remain on force.” while another said “I hope the Karen who called the police initially feels his family’s pain for the rest of her life!”.

Watch the fatal incident below.

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