Friday, January 25, 2019, 2:17 PM

Orville Hall of Dance Xpressionz says the late dancer Bogle, aka Mr Wacky, has left a legacy that will live on for years to come and that no can do it like he did him a foundation.

“Well, his contributions is very significant to where dancehall dance is today. He was the first dancer that brought back real authentic dancehall moves in ‘92’ when a lot of dancers were caught up with break dance and Michael Jackson,” Hall said.


Hall was speaking following the memorial for Mr Wacky at the uptown Mondayz headquarters last Saturday.

Bogle died on 20th of January 2005.

“Bogle gave us our first internationally known dance move “Bogle Dance”. He showed ordinary inner-city dancers that it was possible to make a name for yourself. He literally put dancehall on a whole on the world map,” Hall added that nothing that Bogle gave us a decade of dance moves that will forever be part of the history of dancehall.

Hall also pointed out that Bogle was the first dancehall dancer to be interviewed on BBC Radio.

At the event, there were also tributes to Bogle from the likes of Boysie Roses if the Black Roses Crew abs selectors Boom Boom, Randy Rich and Gugu Mental of Stone Love.

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