Bolt to Kick off first season as Footballer in the A-League

Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 8:32 PM
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Usain Bolt’s Coach Mike Mulvey says he is progressing well in training and his fans are looking forward to watching him play football.

In less than two weeks the Central Coast Mariners will begin 2018/19 A-League campaign and they need to start winning games. Earlier in the year they lost 15 matches out of 27, the team is truly in need of someone to help them to win more matches.


Bolt, who is able to run faster than other players, could be the player who will help them to improve their scores. Even though persons criticized him when he played in the friendly games, he is determined to keep on improving.
It is possible that he just needed to work harder on improving his ability to control the ball and score goals.

It is possible that he could learn the basics and rack up assists and score some goals. He hasn’t been training for that long, he started in August and the professionals are saying he should be doing better in December or January.

At 32 years of age persons are saying he is too old to play, other players at that age have retired, but Bolt believes he is strong enough to play for 5 more years.

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