Boosie Clowns His Son Tootie After Beating Him in Smoke-Off Game – Watch Video

American rapper and social media sensation Bossie Badazz seemingly bonds with his son Tootie in an untraditional way, which includes a smoke-off game. The rapper and his son were seen in a viral video laughing, coughing, and smoking in a closed car.

The video is currently making the rounds on the internet and shows Bossie passing a joint to his son after taking a pull in a smoke-filled car. However, Tootie was having some difficulty catching his breath and coughing viciously. That’s when Boosie started taunting and laughing at Tootie.

Boosie mocked his son and jeered him by stating, “Open the fu**ing door and check out nig*a. Real daddy nigga…spit that shit out man, spit that shit out man, don’t swallow that shit. Open the door, spit it out nigga. Open the door, open the door.”

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Tootie tried to catch his breath and prove his worth to his father by remaining in the enclosed car as he took more pulls of the joint while laughing and coughing uncontrollably.

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Click the link below to watch the video:

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