Boosie Gives Comical Interview on Jada and Tupac’s Saga, “I think he busts her cherry”

Friday, November 3, 2023, 6:59 PM GMT-5

Louisiana rapper Boosie is convinced that fellow rapper Tupac Shakur took the virginity of Jada Pinkett Smith as he gives his views on the latest revelation made by the Gotham actress. Boosie also refuted Jada’s claims that she did not have a sexual relationship with the iconic rapper.

“I think he busts her cherry, I go on reality, I don’t on what people answer, see the question be complicated, but the answer be simple, I’ll always say that, most time you will go back and ask for marriage from your first love,” Boosie outlined.


Boosie, in his usual viral interview with Vlad, says he was in love with Jada back in the day, and he’s still attracted to her. During his admission of his admiration for Jada, the rapper went on to reveal that if he is to interview someone, it would have to be Jada.

As it relates to Jada revealing that she sold drugs when she was younger and friends with Tupac, Boosie says he believes her and points to that as a reason why Jada gave up her body to Tupac.


“You say you were selling crack, I know you gave up the pu**y, if you selling crack you gave up the pu**y, you come up in that jungle like that I can believe she from Baltimore I could believe she sold crack I could believe it all day, but if you selling crack making moves at that age.”

He continued, “I have had the Jada Pinketts the hustlers that came from that background, they latch on to a man for support for love for everything that pussy came out them draws a little easier,” Boosie stated.

See the video below:


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